During the first month of my starting a new construction company, a competitor filed a cease and desist lawsuit to hinder our ability to compete. While this lawsuit was completely baseless, it was a serious matter and one that needed to be defended while I was also trying to start a new company. David jumped in and took control of the situation immediately. After one meeting, I had complete confidence in his ability to defend our reputation and to take care of this quickly. More importantly, he was able to keep my involvement to a minimum so I could focus on running my new business. In the end, he won the lawsuit and he kept his hours to a minimum to help our young company. We are grateful to David and would highly recommend him.

Jeff Stratton, President, Structor Group

Several years ago my organization was subjected to a lawsuit by a former client. My firm sells an alternative investment product, and this particular client claimed that what she was told regarding the investment was false. We were referred to David and selected him to represent us because of his detailed knowledge of our industry and his track record for assisting firms like ours. Throughout the matter, David consistently kept us abreast of what was going on and what our options were and made sure we weren’t dragged through the mud. We won that case thanks in large part to his representation. David has since become a strategic part of our organization, providing assistance and advisory for multi-million dollar legal matters down to reviewing contracts to ensure we have dotted all our i’s and crossed all of our t’s.

He always has our best interests at heart and walks us through potential scenarios so we understand where things are currently as well as their possible consequences. David works through issues with us to find what is most beneficial for us, helping avoid time-consuming and fee-consuming quagmires. We are lucky to have David as part of our extended team.

President and CEO, Investment company

We had a former employee open up a competing company in Atlanta, in direct violation of his non-compete agreement. Not only was it improper due to employment contracts in place, it hurt me personally because I had trusted this person. It was important to have an attorney who understood how this impacted me not just on the business level but on a personal level as well. David understood.

It was a long process, but through the whole case he communicated clearly and consistently and would let us know what was going on and why. Even when there was silence on the other side and we were waiting, he kept in touch. I’ve worked with other attorneys in the past who aren’t as communicative and believe me when I tell you it makes all the difference.

In the end, we got the results we were after. Not only was he able to make the former employee cease, he was able to seek damages for us as well. I know that no matter how big or small a matter may be, when it comes to helping my company, David provides his full attention and knowledge and I know we’ll be properly represented.

Fred Aryan, Co-Founder, Lasership